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Home in Wine Country

Miles of green landscape, outstanding dining experiences, and city amenities — find it all in Napa and Santa Rosa
Moving to California’s northern Wine Country is endlessly appealing. Between the phenomenal wine, food, and lush landscape, it’s easy to see why the region is highly sought-after. While many consider moving to Napa Valley in hopes of experiencing a life of luxury, they also move for the sense of seclusion that many Napa towns provide. Others prefer to be close to the many amenities Napa Valley life affords while also remaining closer to everyday necessities, such as banks, big-box stores, and additional services typically found in towns with over 100,000 people. 
If you’re looking to move to the Wine Country but wish to feel less remote and close to urban amenities, you’re in luck! There are several areas that fit the bill, with Napa and Santa Rosa taking first and second place on the list. Let’s delve into the features of these towns that make them the perfect combination of Wine Country charm and metropolitan offerings, and make moving to Napa Valley an easy decision.


Napa is the heart of Napa Valley. This stunning city features a downtown area known for its architecture, riverfront promenade teeming with shops and restaurants, and an art scene anchored by the Napa Valley Opera House. Founded in 1847, Napa has a rich history. In addition to being the jumping-off point for 49ers bound for the Gold Rush to being the birthplace of “Nappa leather,” Napa is the County seat for one of the world’s Great Wine Capitals. Modern-day Napa is an upgraded, modern city that continues to preserve its legacy. 
Locals adore Napa’s Mediterranean climate, 43 neighborhoods, community, and open space parks, and the plethora of wine bars and tasting rooms Downtown Napa provides. You can find everything from world-class restaurants and tasting rooms to high-end retailers and services here. One afternoon filled with delectable eats, retail therapy, and self-care awaits you in Downtown Napa’s First Street Napa —  the premier center for everything retail and lifestyle-related. 
Given the abundance of outdoor recreation, bars and nightlife, world-class restaurants, and more, life in Napa is quite exciting and offers everything one needs to live in the lap of luxury. The first step is moving to Napa Valley. 

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is a hip, happening city with a cool vibe and a distinct vibrancy. Given the abundance of things to do, see, eat, drink, and explore, locals never experience a dull moment. The culinary scene boasts an array of family farms and the locally-grown Sonoma County fares and wine that follow. Foodies and wine enthusiasts have a ball in Santa Rosa. For a taste of Santa Rosa’s best, head to the Distillery Festival to sip craft beverages, delight in phenomenal fares by artisan vendors, and make friends with other like-minded individuals.
While Santa Rosa beckons food and wine lovers, they are not the only demographic that adores life here. Adventure seekers and families love Santa Rosa for its multitude of outdoor recreation and family-friendly activities accessible year-round. Relaxing strolls down the beach, exhilarating bike rides, and awe-inspiring mountain hikes are just the tip of the iceberg. Santa Rosa touts an extensive trail system, 66 parks, 6 lakes, and access to the Pacific Ocean, making it a nature lover’s haven. The Santa Rosa real estate market truly has something for everyone!

Adrenaline junkies can get some kayaking in while the more subdued adventurer can spend hours taking in breathtaking forest views while glimpsing native fauna and flora along the way. For a family day trip of arts and entertainment, spend some time at the Charles M. Shulz Museum or head next door to the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, also known as Snoopy’s Home Ice.  Also, Santa Rosa is just minutes from the Sonoma County Airport (STS), and with daily flights up and down the West Coast, plus American, United, and Alaska Airlines are each adding additional direct flights to other parts of the country.  Avelo Airlines also recently started serving the area.
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