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Wine Country Resort Living

Where peace, luxury, and natural beauty merge. Discover Wine Country luxury real estate and Resorts in Napa Valley!
It is well-known that life in Wine Country offers abundant sunshine, an array of exceptional wineries, and elegance you’d be hard-pressed to find in other California regions. There is a fairly new addition to Wine County for those who want to take their Napa lifestyle to the next level of luxury and comfort — resort living. Calling a resort home in this highly coveted district provides all of the appealing amenities of Wine Country in addition to a level of high living that would make anyone overjoyed. The resorts in Napa Valley offer a great place to vacation or for some, to call home.
Wine Country luxury real estate and resort living is all about leisure and enjoying extravagant amenities while leaving all the maintenance to the resort staff. There are several wonderful resorts in Napa Valley, including Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Calistoga, Stanly Ranch in Napa, and Montage Residences Healdsburg. Let’s delve into the phenomenal attributes that make resort living so appealing by highlighting each resort’s alluring features.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences is teeming with luxury amenities fit for a king. Accommodations range from farmhouse-style cottages to modern, chic sanctuaries, with every option offering seamless indoor-outdoor living and dining. Delight in private swimming pools, lounge areas, and every necessity at your beck and call. The amenities list is vast, including a fitness center, pool facilities surrounded by lush vineyards, cabana services, a spa, and much more. 
What sets Four Seasons apart from other resorts is the unrivaled grape-to-glass experience brought to you by a world-class vineyard and Elusa Winery, an option that no other Wine Country resort offers. Given the sophisticated accommodations, year-round activities, two restaurants, and curated lifestyle the resort affords, the Four Seasons resorts in Napa Valley are a captivating place to call home.

Stanly Ranch

Enveloped by a historic working ranch, Stanly Ranch boasts pristine vineyards, enchanting rolling hills, and a destination inspired by the beauty of the land and winery estate tradition. The rooms are inviting and feature natural finishes and homey touches, with details such as lounge areas, fire pits, and outdoor showers that make the 78 standalone cottages and suites feel intimate and special. 
Aside from the high-end living space, Stanly Ranch provides an array of enticing amenities. The resort touts four different dining options, each with its distinct charm. One thing you’ll experience in each restaurant is sustainably-sourced, seasonally-driven menus with fares celebrating the invaluable connection between the ingredients, land, makers, and farmers. Fantastic food and accommodations are just the starting point, as residents have access to oyster harvesting, crafting botanical libations, exclusive wine tours, meandering Lover’s Lane, and additional leisure activities to round out their affluent lifestyles. De-stress after a long day by heading to Halehouse for some restorative spa treatments or meet your fitness and wellness goals with the Movement Studio. Every aspect of Stanly Ranch is integrated to support the healthy and rich life you’ve always dreamed of.

Montage Residences Healdsburg

Spanning 258 acres, Montage is a unique Wine Country hideaway that blends modern comforts with a thoughtfully preserved landscape. In addition to being a stone’s throw away from Michelin-starred restaurants, local boutiques, and miles of lush greenery, Montage provides unparalleled services and world-class amenities. The single-family homes available in this Wine Country luxury real estate market are expansive, standalone estates engulfed by oak trees and breathtaking vistas, all in proximity to luxury resort offerings.
Spend your afternoons lounging poolside or taking an exhilarating bike ride through Northern Sonoma’s forested hills and valleys. Unwind at Spa Montage with some regionally-inspired treatments or center yourself in the Yoga Garden, melting away stress amidst rows of blooming vineyards. Keeping your physique in tip-top shape is a breeze with the fitness center which offers innovative Technogym cardio and strength-training equipment, Peloton bikes, and a knowledgeable team of personal trainers to help you reach your goals. Whether you venture out to explore the lay of the land or stay in for some self-reflection and relaxation, every option is accessible at Montage Residences Healdsburg.


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