Maximize Your Time in Napa Valley's 'UpValley" Area

Arthur Goodrich

Modern-day Napa Valley is synonymous with luxury – not just regarding fine wine tastings but also with real estate. This is a fascinating blend of majestic mountains and verdant valleys. Luxury homes in Napa Valley include secluded estates on vineyards, hillside castles, and modern farmhouses overlooking rolling hills.

Napa Valley is home to nearly 400 wineries — so, where do you start?

  • First visit our properties page, here, and schedule a time for a tour with one of our team members at the Goodrich Group.
  • Second, download the Napa Valley winery map.

No trip to Napa Valley would be complete without taking advantage of myriad winery tours and tastings. The Napa Valley winery map is a helpful tool for visitors and locals to locate their favorite wineries and plan their days around the tasting flights and food pairings that are best to enjoy during the different wine seasons.

What could be better than looking for a luxury home in Napa Valley and tasting wine?

If you'd like more information about Napa Valley real estate for sale in the 'UpValley' of Calistoga and St. Helena please contact us at

We recommend Mayastoga for help planning your next visit to Wine Country.  With the luxury rental homes and premium concierge services, they'll ensure you have the most memorable time in Napa Valley!


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