Luxury Homes with High-End Amenities and Features for Pets

Luxury Homes With High-End Amenities and Features for Pets

Luxury homes are known for their high-end amenities and features, and increasingly, these homes are including amenities for our furry friends as well. These features often referred to as "pet features," can range from simple additions to more elaborate features like dog showers and doggy doors.

One popular pet feature that is becoming more common in luxury homes is the inclusion of a designated feeding area for pets. This can be as simple as a built-in food bowl station, or it can be a more elaborate setup with custom-made cabinetry and built-in storage for pet food and supplies.

Another trend in luxury homes is dog bath showers. These showers allow pet owners to easily clean and groom their dogs without making a mess in the main bathroom. Some dog showers even come equipped with built-in drying stations and storage for grooming supplies and are located in a special room close to the rear door just like a mud room would be located by an entrance.

In addition to these more pet features, some luxury homes are also incorporating fun and unique amenities for pets. These can include things like built-in kennels or dog runs that are attached to the main living area, allowing pets to have their own space to play and relax.

Some luxury homes also have dedicated pet bedrooms with custom-made dog beds and feature heating and cooling systems, soft lighting, and even soundproofing to create a comfortable and peaceful environment for pets.

Pet features in luxury homes are a trend that is gaining popularity. There are many ways that luxury homes can incorporate amenities for pets. These features not only make life easier for pet owners, but they can also add value to a home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Whether you're a pet owner looking for a new home or a real estate developer looking to add value to a property, pet features are definitely worth considering.

HERE is a great article by home interior designer Jane Lockhart that shared even more ideas for homeowners looking to upgrade their pet's experience in their homes.

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