Life In the Vineyards

Arthur Goodrich

Life in the Vineyards

Seclusion, serenity, and sophistication come easy when leading a vineyard lifestyle
Living on a vineyard estate means being surrounded by a sea of lush greenery, enjoying endless carefully crafted wines, and living a luxurious lifestyle that others only dream of. Vineyard living is endlessly appealing, tranquil, and ideal for those who need a sanctuary far from the city hustle and bustle. 
Napa Valley is teeming with options when it comes to finding a place to build this magical lifestyle. Ideal locations for your vineyard passion project are between Napa and St. Helena, St. Helena and Calistoga, Knights Valley, Kenwood, and the Sonoma Coast. While majestic, living on a vineyard is no easy feat. A significant amount of maintenance is required to maintain its infrastructure, including power, septic systems, wells, and more. It requires an immense amount of labor, but it is undoubtedly the labor of love. 
Once you’ve moved to a vineyard, you’ll be closer to the landscape than you ever thought possible. Wandering through the vines, breathing fresh air, and relishing the pinnacle of seclusion are all part of the package. You will genuinely have more privacy than most, so if you appreciate your space and peace, vineyard living is perfect for you.
While you have your privacy, you still live in a community of wine lovers, just like yourself! Your neighbors are just as enthralled by the lifestyle as you are, delighting in winemaking classes, dinner lectures, and harvest parties to socialize with like-minded people who appreciate the finer things in life. Being surrounded by folks who love food and wine as much as you do is a major draw of vineyard living.
Fact is, you don’t have to be a vintner to embrace vineyard life. Living amongst grapevines is the hippest, new alternative to the novelty golf club community. While harvesting wine grapes or watching others pick them seems like an unusual pastime, it is not the only part of living on a vineyard. Imagine making your own wine and having your own wine label, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, and leading a life of leisure you’ve cultivated for yourself.
There are several other alluring reasons to live a Wine Country vineyard lifestyle:
  1. As a Napa Valley resident, you’ll experience sunny weather nearly year-round. Sure, there are occasional foggy days and a brisk rainy season, but in general, you’ll enjoy clear skies and rejuvenating rays of sunshine.
  2. Wine is not the only thing held dear — Napa Valley is home to some excellent breweries.
  3. The culinary scene is nothing short of phenomenal. In addition to a slew of world-class eateries, Napa is home to Morimoto Napa, a restaurant owned by former “Iron Chef” star Masaharu Morimoto.
  4. Adventurers have abundant opportunities to get outside and revel in the lush landscape. The hiking trails are sublime and can feature towering redwoods, forests, rivers, and other natural wonders.
  5. Planning dates has never been easier when you live in an effortlessly gorgeous place like Napa. Head to a local marketplace and snag some of your favorite cured meats, cheeses, and fruit to create a stunning charcuterie board enjoyed with a bottle of homemade wine, picnic-style. How romantic is that?
  6. Relish some well-deserved R and R in one of the many spas studded throughout Napa. There are dozens to choose from, ensuring you’ll be well cared for and melt away your stress as you sink into a blissful state.
  7. Give your chauffeur a day off and explore the five major towns that create Napa Valley via the Napa Valley Wine Train. This three-hour excursion will weave you through the five charming enclaves to stop at various wineries to sample their offerings. 
So, are you convinced that vineyard living is right for you yet? If you’ve decided to move to Napa or are curious about purchasing a vineyard of your own, contact me today.


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